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Quick Facts

. This spa-themed EC, with the luxury of 7 different spas, is called Esparina Residences.

. Sales was the strongest of all the ECs launched recently, as it is the closest to an MRT station.

Recreational facilities @ The Esparina Residences

  1. Lap Pool
  2. 7 Thematic Spas
  3. Pavilion
  4. Water Playground
  5. Sun Deck
  6. Pool Deck
  7. Roof Gardens with
    • Yoga Deck
    • BBQ Pavilion
    • Recreational Tennis Court
    • Multi-Purpose Court
    • Children’s Play Area
    • Fitness Corner
  8. Clubhouse with
    • Gymnasium
    • Function Room
    • Changing Rooms with Steam Bath

For queries or showflat viewing, please leave a reply in Contact Us.


The Juniper Hill condo is a brand new freehold development in the Bukit Timah area. It replaces the former Crystal Tower condominium that was sold collectively en bloc by the former owners, who each pocketed a princely sum for their respective apartments. The bidding for this parcel of land was pretty intense, drawing a total of 12 bids that was eventually won by Allgreen Properties.

Allgreen intends to develop the Juniper Hill condo site into a 120 unit luxury condominium, with apartments on the larger side than is the norm for new residential developments nowadays. This would probably be more fitting for the Juniper Hill upmarket location, than the mickey-mouse units typically found elsewhere. Furthermore there has been a noticeable trend lately for larger apartments to be more popular, as the market is now skewing towards buyers who are owner occupiers, rather than pure investors.

Just as Esparina was an executive condominium catering to people buying a unit for their own occupation, so the Juniper Hill condo is probably catering more to that buyer profile. Except this is a much higher end, upscale neighbourhood, with a price tag to match accordingly. It is also just on the outskirts of Orchard Road, and close to several brand name schools. Such as the Anglo-Chinese School at Barker Road, and the Singapore Chinese Girl’s School further up Bukit Timah Road.

Prices has not been decided yet, but is likely to be over the SGD$3,000 mark, with smaller apartments typically costing more on average per square foot. Nor is the Juniper Hill showflat ready yet, and the floor plans are still going the rounds of the various authorities for approval. The launch for this condominium development will likely be in early 2019.

Guide to Applying for Esparina EC

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Frequently Asked Questions on Booking Esparina Residences


Is booking based on balloting or on a first come first served basis?

Likely to be based on a balloting system, ie. lucky-draw style.

How do I go about booking a unit?

The developer has not released information on the exact registration and booking procedure yet. If you’d like to register your interest in the form below, I will keep you posted on that and on when the Ola EC showflat will open.

Once that info is out, if you’re interested to proceed, I will get the necessary paperwork done for you, and guide and assist you every step of the Ola EC booking process.

Do I have to pay any admin charges or commissions or agent fees?

No, not at all. I will keep you posted with all the information you need as soon as it’s available, and my services in helping you buy a unit, without charging you a cent.

Will it be cheaper if I register with the Ola EC developer than with you?

No. Sales will eventually go through us, because of the huge amount of manpower needed.

Can I have the Ola EC floor plans?

The developer has not released the site layout or floor plans yet. If you’d like to indicate your interest in the form below, I will get that to you as soon as it’s available.

When is the launch date?

The launch dates are still tentative, as the developer has to wait out the 15 months from the time they bought the Ola EC site. But if you’d like to contact me through the form below, I will keep you posted when the schedule for the Ola EC showflat opening date is finalised.

Any VIP Preview for Esparina Residences?

No, as Esparina Residences is an EC project. It must abide by HDB conditions, which means a transparent booking process, with a level playing field for all.

Except Grassroots Organization members, who get to book earlier. You might say they are the VIPs in this case!

Any Early Bird Discount?

The developer has not announced any such discount yet, but typically prices at the Preview launch are the lowest. After that, developers normally remove some, or all, of the Preview discounts.

What’s the payment schedule like for Esparina Residences?

Similar to private condos, as follows:

  • First 5% cash (by cheque) at time of booking the unit.
  • Next 15% within 9 weeks (typically) of booking the unit. This 15% can be from CPF Housing Grant, or from CPF funds, or from cash.
  • Out of the remaining 80%, 5% has to be from your own funds (cash or CPF), and the rest can be from CPF funds, bank loan, or cash. This is payable progressively, which means that you (or the bank on your behalf) pays out the money as and when construction work on Ola EC reaches certain stages. So if you’re taking a loan, your monthly instalments payable start out small and slowly increases.

Can I take a HDB loan instead of a bank loan?

Unfortunately, HDB doesn’t give loans for ECs. Not even for first timers.

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To register your interest for updates, please call 92959180 or leave a reply in Contact Us.

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