Esparina Residences EC Pricing

Average $750 psf.

Ranges from approximately $700 to $800 psf depending on floor level, facing & unit area.


Type No. of Units Typical Area Approximate Prices
2 Bedrooms 165 829 sq ft ~ $590K to $700K
3 Bedroom Compact 127 1,001 sq ft ~ $700K to $800K
3 Bedrooms + Utility 156 1,066 sq ft ~ $800K to $850K
3 Bedroom Dual Key 53 1,163 sq ft ~ $860K to $980K
4 Bedrooms + Utility 34 1,367 sq ft ~ $1.005M to $1.077M
4 Bedroom Dual Key 18 1,464 sq ft ~ $1.058M to $1.18M
Penthouses 20 1,690 to 2,583 sq ft ~ $915K to $1.3M


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About Parc Komo

On the site of the former Changi Garden, Chip Eng Seng (CEL) will build a brand new development to be called Parc Komo. This is a low-rise freehold project in a purely private residential estate in the far flung eastern region of Singapore.

If you are prepared to sacrifice convenience for a peaceful and laid back environment, then you could do worse than consider Parc Komo. Definitely a different type of project compared to Esparina, which is very much a heartland condo.

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